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is why I cannot support Susan G. Komen and charities like it:


I support a few charities, but I cannot support that one.  A charity that cares more about its imagine and harming other charities does more harm than good.  What happened to finding a cure?  So what if someone, or charity, who has the same goal uses “your” phrase.  How does suing them and take away from research money and time support your cause, or any cause?  I want to believe that these big charities can help, but they are like the banks “Too big to fail”. 

Cancer comes in so many shapes and forms, and affects everyone, why would you want to be the be all end all of charities.  You, Susan G. Komen, cannot and do not support cancer research (if you even do that anymore) of every type of cancer, so why harm other charities.  I just do not understand the logic of their legal actions, and in the civilian world I am an attorney.   

This is also why I research the charities I support, and I implore you dearest reader to do the same.