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I am going to lose it on the next person who says:  “Oh I know what you went through because I know someone who had cancer, but they went through chemo and are perfectly healthy now”  or “Oh your mom had cancer?  Well so and so had blah cancer but they are fine now.”  Shut up!  My mom DIED from her cancer! She couldn’t even go through chemo.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am really excited when I hear that people are in remission and have “beat” cancer.  But my mom did not.  She died. So you have no idea what I and my family went through.  Your breast cancer survivor may be able to do the Susan G. Koman (a charity I do not support, but that is for another post) walk for the cure, but my mom is dead.  She never had the chance to do that or to know what it means to survive cancer.  And neither do I. SO just shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up.  

I would rather you be apathetic to my position and suffering than you be fakely sympathetic or empathetic.  If you know someone who survived cancer then you have NO IDEA the hell I went through.  My mom is not a cancer survivor.  There is no feel good story here.  I cry because I am sad from death, not near death.  I cannot sympathize with cancer survivors or their family as they cannot sympathize with me.  So stop trying and just shut the fuck up and move on.  (Im sorry if I offended anyone, because I do know plenty of cancer survivors, but this is me venting).