Oh momma you would not believe the way your Princess Meme is living and the job I am doing.  I live in a small shipping connex with another person.  But don’t worry, its Chief and you like her.  I have to walk to another connex to use the bathroom and another to shower.  And every where I go it smells funny.  And I sleep on a twin size bed.  This is ridiculous.  

And the weather here sucks, its hot then its cold, and there is snow on the mountains.  

I walk around with a loaded pistol, me, your little democrat, walking around with a loaded weapon.  I don’t know how I got here momma, but I love it.  Im still your little princess, and trust me the sanitation issues, and the fact that I miss being a girly girl really sucks.  

You just wouldn’t believe it.  And I know you would be laughing at me and shaking your head if i was really telling you this on the phone.  You just would think it was so ironic how your little princess, democrat was living, in a war zone nonetheless.

And I wish you could see me and I wish I could talk to you. 


Your Princess Meme