What a stupid question. At least that is what I thought when my Aunt asked me that. Why would I tell my dead mother? She can’t hear me.  She is gone.   But instead of saying all of that, I just answered with “I think she already knows”.  

I guess a part of me needs to help keep my mother’s memory alive by acting like she is still here and is still my mom. And I need to help keep her alive for my aunt, and my brother, and my nephew.  

So was that a stupid question, no.  And yet, what my aunt asked me about I still have  not told my mom.  Because if she is watching over us and is listening, I know she knows.  And I know that telling her in real life would have been so hard, so telling her in “not real life” is just as hard.  

Where do I go from here?  Do I tell mom things? Can I tell her things? I don’t know.